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This is Bubbles. Or “Boop” or “Bubbly Butt” or any other variation that comes to mind, and he answers to every single one of them. He is an 8-year-old Lhasa Apso with a lot of attitude in a tiny body. We never had a pet before him and nobody in our household can even remember what life was like without him. I shouldn’t even call him a pet, as he is basically a family member. His favorite snack consists of romaine lettuce at 3am, and when we get back from a walk, there'd better be a piece of banana ready and waiting or he’ll be sitting in the kitchen all night. His favorite pastime is sleeping upside down and he occasionally howls at his squeaky toys. Every weekend we go for walks through a nearby park to watch the deer and the sunset. He enjoys nothing more than long walks, and cuddling up for the night. Until its lettuce time, of course.

- Luliana, Bubbles's mom