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Evie is a bonafide mutt. A snuggler extraordinaire, squirrel hunter, waterdog, backwoods hiker, and mayor of Prospect Park. Evie is also a mystery.

Her story provokes the imagery of a stereotypical mangyl street dog. Alone, wandering the empty streets of Brooklyn on a cold February night, she stumbled upon us outside our brownstone apartment. We posted, searched, and shouted for her lost home. Not stopping at flyers, we brought her to the neighborhood vet who scanned an embedded microchip in her back. Legally, we’re not allowed to know any of the information on this chip, but our vet has very thin walls. We heard everything. Armed with a name and a newly minted people searching software we set out to find her owner. Nothing but dead ends. Her family was nowhere to be found. It set in that she was abandoned. As a result of a couple Instagrams we got several inbound adoption inquiries from friends of friends. Again, nothing but dead ends. It took only a speechless exchange to realize we were her new family. There was really no question about it. She’s us. And now we’re hers.

Come find us in Brooklyn. We often take morning runs down to the lake in Prospect Park and swim with the ducks.

-Kate & Leigh – We reside in Brooklyn. Kate works in foodstyling and Leigh runs business development for Wine for the World.