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Gus was born to a strong momma pup, Oreo, in Atwater Village in the summer of 2014. Prior to being rescued, Oreo was being tortured as bait in dog fights. Her owner passed away and his family was threatening to throw her and her first litter of puppies into the LA river because they didn't want them. When these dogs were finally rescued there were tons of problems. They were severely malnourished; some had broken tails and others deep cuts. Upon Oreo's first visit to the vet, it was discovered that this skinny, beat up pup was pregnant again. Her doctor was in disbelief and didn't believe it was possible for the unborn puppies to survive so he recommended terminating her pregnancy. The wonderful woman who rescued Oreo felt that she was too far along to do that so they pumped her with fluids and took her home.

Just a few days later, Oreo gave birth to three gorgeous, healthy puppies. I found out about these puppies by word of mouth and had to meet them. I knew right away that Gus (then named Theo) was my dog. We had an instant connection. He was so fluffy and sweet. But I couldn't let the other puppies go either. I made it my mission to find forever homes for Gus' siblings. It wasn't very hard; they were both so cute. Two of my good friends ended up taking them so now he gets to run around and play with his brother and sister all the time. 

I'm so lucky to have found Gus. Taking him home was the best decision I've ever made.

-Taryn, Gus's owner