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About the Leash

Made in the USA, hand spliced at both ends, and composed of a cylindrical polypropylene rope equipped with a core, for extra strength.

The Houndstooth Leash is comprised of the strongest components of equine and nautical materials. Combining the resilience of a horse lead and the reliability of sailing hardware, our leashes are built to last and withstand over 600lbs of work.  We understand that comfort is a priority so we ensured that our high quality leashes feel soft in your hands, whether you are on a run, walk, or a training session with your dog.

  • Equine lead for controlling pull
  • Nautical snap shackle designed to hold 1,000lb workload
  • Chew resistant nylon rope core
  • Hand spliced for extra strength and clean lines
  • Soft handle for comfort
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Portion of sale donated to canine charity

    All leashes are dishwasher safe and chew resistant.