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About Us

We believe that our dogs are extensions of who we are. 

We don’t believe anyone should settle for a less than optimal product for a dog they love or have to accept the fact that something that looks good can’t also be strong and functional. Having grown up in New York and eventually relocating to California, I searched coast to coast for a solution and there were none to be found, so I decided to make one.

The products that connect us should not come with a sacrifice. 

When we created our leash we had a simple thought: to design a leash that did not sacrifice style for strength or utility for distinction.  At Houndstooth Leash Co. we appreciate the idea of a timeless aesthetic and looked to the equine and nautical industry for their durable materials and classic look.

The connection to our brand should extend beyond the purchase. 

Houndstooth Leash Co is meant to be an extension of our lifestyle and we take pride in supporting causes that ensure a quality of life for animals and people. We proudly donate a portion of all sales to Wolf Connection, who rescue and train abandoned wolves and wolfdogs to become program animals for rehabilitating at-risk human populations.